“To let the child do as he likes when he has not yet developed any powers of control is to betray the idea of freedom.”


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Morning Star Montessori is a small private Montessori School where all children are welcome. We attempt to achieve a balance of age, sex and experience in each class.

Children with special needs or barriers to learning are considered for admission on merit and on the school’s ability to accommodate the learner.

Viewing the School
It is suggested that the parent makes an appointment for an interview with the Principal Jenny Miller to view the school and its facilities. This affords the parent the opportunity to meet Jenny and the directresses and get a feeling for the school environment.

After this interview, the next step would be the assessment of the child.

Child Assessment
This assessment is a very gentle, stress-free visit which, depending on the age of the child, involves the child joining the class for a morning (or a few hours).

This is a wonderful opportunity for the child to experience first hand what the class is like and also an opportunity for the directress and principal to meet the child and assess whether or not the child is suited to our Montessori environment and if so, where the child should be placed within the classes.

All decisions are based on the best interests of the child and of the existing children in the class.

Assessment Feedback
The parent will receive feedback from the Principal regarding the child's assessment morning. These findings will be discussed and arrangements made with regard to formalising enrolment.

Admission formalization
The admission form will be provided and explained to the parent by the Principal. This documentation must be completed and signed by the child's parents and returned to the school together with all other relevant documentation requested.

Conformation of admission and enrollment
Only upon the receipt of the following by the school, will the child be guaranteed a place at the Morning Star Montessori school:

  • Payment of the child's registration fee in full
  • The completed and signed admission form
  • The signed Morning Star Montessori Agreement of Code of Conduct
  • Certified copy of Child's Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Parent's/Parents' Identity Document
  • A copy of the child's "Road to Health" Card and Immunization report (or if your child has not been immunized please provide a letter stating that this is the case).

Upon receipt of the above by the school, the parent will be issued with a "Confirmation of Admission" letter which confirms and sets out the child's enrolment in the school.

Please Note: Should you decide not to take up your place at Morning Star Montessori, the registration fee will be forfeited.

Click here to download admission request form


2018 Fees

  Preschool 3-6 years Toddlers 2-3 years Junior Primary 6-9 years

Basic Tuition Fee

R3 085 per month x 12 (R9 255 per term)

Less 10% (R2 775 per month x 12) (R8 325 per term)

R3 780 per month x 12 (R11 340 per term)

Extended day to 14:30 surcharge (Compulsory in Primary)



R390 per month x 12
(R1 170 per term)

Food including breakfast, lunch and snacks – compulsory in Preschool

R895 per month x 12
(R2 685 per term)

Less 10% (R805 per month x 12)
(R2 415 per term


Food including breakfast, lunch and snacks - optional in Primary



R920 per month x 12
(R2 760 per term

Aftercare to 15:00 in Preschool (Not compulsory)

R390 per month x 12
(R1 170 per term)
R390 per month x 12
(R1 170 per term)

Or; Aftercare to 17:30 in Preschool (Not compulsory)

R485 per month x 12
(R1 455 per term)

R485 per month x 12
(R1 455 per term)


Aftercare 15:00 to 17:30 in Primary (Not compulsory)



R110 per month x 12 (R330 per term)

Extras: Music – extra mural – TBC compulsory in Preschool

R165 per month x 12 (R495 per term)

R165 per month x 12 (R495 per term)

R165 per month x 12 (R495 per term)
Outings & presentations compulsory in both

R90 per month x 12 (R270 per term)

R90 per month x 12 (R270 per term)

R90 per month x 12 (R270 per term)
Gymnastics – extra mural - TBC compulsory in Primary N/A N/A R215 per month x 12 (R645 per term)
Once-off Registration Fee on joining R1500 R1500 R4000
Deposit refundable at end of phase N/A N/A R4000

The basic structure is as follows and all payment are payable in advance (i.e. on the 1st of each month starting):
Food includes cooked breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks and cooked nutritious lunch.
Extra-mural activities are charged for separately.
School fees escalate annually by approximately 10%
Fees do not include incidental stationery and requirements.


  • Sibling discount of 5% applies on the Basic Tuition Fee, for all children from the same immediate family.
  • Casual Rate for after school care from 13:30 up until 17:30 (or part thereof) is R 40.00 per day.
  • TBC means To Be Confirmed.



Tel: 012) 991-0228
Fax: (012) 991-0228
Cell: 082 602 4427
Address: 357 Manitoba Drive
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