Morning Star Montessori

Founded in 2000. Celebrating 23 years!

Montessori School in Pretoria from Toddlers to Middle School

At Morning Star Montessori, we strive to give your child a well-balanced education at all levels of development, for each child to gain the ability to solve challenges, to use freedom wisely, to respect himself/herself and others, and to take joy in learning and living.

We see each child as an individual and take our responsibility to help your child in building the foundations for a lifetime of creative learning very seriously.

The activities and environment provided by Morning Star Montessori stimulate and help develop a love of learning, an abiding curiosity in one's surroundings and a desire to discover and do things for oneself.

Our Programs


2 - 3 yrs

Toddler’s Class is a happy space

Essentially a Toddler’s Class is a happy space, a space that provides a carefully planned, stimulating environment which helps the child to develop an excellent foundation for creative learning.


3 - 6 yrs


As well as being a space that provides a carefully planned, stimulating environment which helps the child to develop an excellent foundation for creative learning, the preschool environment now starts...

Primary School

6 - 12 yrs


Children are encouraged to develop strong creative, cognitive and thinking skills while maintaining strong ethical and moral values so that they can develop into the kinds of adults the future will need if this planet...

Middle School

12 - 15 yrs


Montessori’s track record over the past 100 years, in use all over the world, and the thousands of successful men and women the system produced will stand as our guiding light as we guide the children...

Message from the Principal

The 2020 COVID- 19 Pandemic has changed the face of education in our country. It taught us all new skills, new values, what works and what does not work. We learned and continue to learn the techniques and challenges of a new way of learning – we entered the digital era of online learning. Some children and their families took on the new challenge with relative ease, most did not. We found that older children in the primary school were hardly touched by the new method but missed the hands-on, concrete experiences the Montessori materials offered.

At best, parenting (much like teaching and learning) is no easy matter, probably it is and will be the most challenging role you will ever be called upon to play. But play it you must – to form the beautiful creature that is your child will be the most rewarding and fulfilling act you will ever experience. But, if you haven’t already discovered it, there will be days of extreme uncertainty and even fear of not knowing whether you are doing the right thing.

Times, systems and circumstances change but one thing remains – as humans we have choice, whether to follow “the good” or not. And immediately a question will pop up, “so, what is the good?”. Without question know that when “good” prevails there is happiness, health, freedom and peace for EVERYBODY – serve that – let THAT be our goal.

“Every soul seeks the good” Plotinus (205-270AD)

Jenny Miller

Dr Maria Montessori

“... let us give him a vision of the whole universe. The universe is an imposing reality, and an answer to all questions ... He is satisfied, having found the universal centre of himself with all things.”

Established in 2000

  • Preschool founded in 2000
  • Primary School founded in 2015
  • Middle School founded in 2021

School Calendar

Morning Star Montessori follows a four term calendar according to the annual ISASA 4 terms/year calendar. 

Contact Us

If you would like to make an enquiry, request information or even book a visit, please contact us here...


Dr Caroline Lötter

I have the pleasure of providing the following testimonial for Morning Star.

Morning Star Montessori School has been a blessing to what was a very desperate prayer. It is a one-in-a-million establishment that offers far more than does any conventional school. The Montessori pedagogy alone is phenomenal, and Morning Star amplifies its brilliance with valuable philosophical teachings and wisdom. What I value most about this beautiful place of learning is the ethos of kindness and respect that is cultivated in the children and the community. The community is like a cherished extended family.

The children learn to be kind, considerate, respectful, helpful, responsible, and independent – and adept in ways that us parents can only marvel at. The children are thoroughly prepared for Life. Best of all, this is not achieved through dictated learning and mountains of homework. A child’s natural thirst for knowledge is kept alive and healthy, and children will go to school even on a Saturday, given the opportunity! Morning Star children are immensely blessed, and it will not be surprising if these young stars catalyze significant positive change in the world as they venture into the future.

What more can a parent ask for?

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Morning Star Montessori
Morning Star Montessori2 days ago
We went north, south, east and west, armed with rubbish bags and gloves cleaning up the roadside. The toddlers kindly scoured the school grounds only to find a few papers but plenty of leaves. Great fun was had by all.

#family #proudmoments #montessori #faerieglen #education
Morning Star Montessori
Morning Star Montessori
Morning Star Montessori3 days ago
“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

-Nelson Mandela

#childrenarethefuture #education #montessori #morningstarmontessori
Morning Star Montessori
Morning Star Montessori6 days ago
“The task of educators is immense because human progress and world peace are in their hands”.
- Dr Montessori

#montessori #garsfontein #faerieglen #quoteoftheday


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