Admissions - Admission Process

Viewing the school and classrooms in action is compulsory and the first step in the admission process.

No written description or photographs can replace your own experience of a visit to our school. The best way you can determine whether this is the right educational and nurturing environment for your child is by visiting and seeing first-hand how teachers interact with children and children with children in a normal, everyday school setting.  Guided visits are therefore essential.

Visits take place on most school days between 09:00 and 11:00 and take about 45 minutes. During the visit you will be given a Prospectus containing all the information you will need to make your decision. 

You can schedule a visit by completing the Admission Request Form (for Preschool / Primary) that will be automatically emailed to us. 

Upon receipt, your visit appointment will be confirmed telephonically.

The assessment process differs according to the age of the child to be enrolled. Assessment is a very gentle, stress-free visit which involves the preschool child joining an appropriate class for a morning.  A child of 5 years or older will spend up to 3 days in the most suitable environment to conduct the assessment. A toddler visits over 3 days but only for a few hours at a time both with and without parents.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the child to experience first hand what the class is like and also an appropriate opportunity for the directress and principal to meet the child and assess whether or not the child is suited to our Montessori environment and if so, where the child should be placed within the classes.

All decisions are based on the best interests of the child and of the existing children in the class.

The parent will receive feedback from the Principal or Head of Department regarding the child's assessment.

There is no fee for the assessment of an under 5 year old and the feedback is verbal.

Over 5 year olds receive a written report. There is an assessment fee for over 5 year olds.

The admission form/s will be provided and explained to the parent by the Principal or Head of Department. This documentation must be completed and signed by the child's parents and returned to the school together with all other relevant documentation requested.

Confirmation of admission and enrollment

Only upon the receipt of the following by the school, will the child be guaranteed a place at the Morning Star Montessori School:

  • Payment of the child's registration fee in full.
  • The completed and signed admission forms.
  • The signed Morning Star Montessori Agreement of Code of Conduct.
  • Certified copy of Child's Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of Parent's/Parents' Identity Document.
  • A copy of the child's "Road to Health" Card and Immunization report (or if your child has not been immunized please provide a letter stating that this is the case).
  • Relevant reports from schools the child attended before acceptance to Morning Star.
  • Relevant reports from specialists etc. if requested to do so.

Upon receipt of the above by the school, the parent will be issued with a "Confirmation of Admission" letter or Welcome Pack which confirms and sets out the child's enrolment in the school.

Please Note: Should you decide not to take up your place at Morning Star Montessori for any reason whatsoever, the registration fee will be forfeited.